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Chief Executive Officer
Shinsuke Usami

In 1996, after graduating from the Faculty of Commerce at Waseda University, joined Tohmatsu Consulting (now Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting). Engaged as a consultant on accounts for the business improvement of large-scale financial institutions and systematization projects. Later went to work at a software startup, eventually resolving to found a firm. Launched axiv.com, Inc. (now CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc.) in 1999 with a friend. As president and CEO, has continued to drive profitability of the business for nineteen years since its founding. In 2001, entered into a capital alliance with CyberAgent, and from 2005 to 2010, jointly served as a director at CyberAgent, helping enhance their technical competencies as an officer in the technology department. In 2012, brokered a management buyout from CyberAgent in and listed the company on the Mothers section of the TSE, followed by the First Section of the TSE in 2015. Pursuant to a merger between CCI and VOYAGE GROUP in 2019, assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc.

Akio Niizawa

Following a position at Softbank, joined Cyber Communications Inc. in 1998 and was involved in all aspects of Japanese Internet advertising from its early emergence as an industry. Previously held posts as director of the sales and media divisions. Assumed the post of executive officer in 2005. As director of the new business promotion unit, was responsible for the creation of new business models revolving around e-commerce, CGM solutions development, and other areas. Has wide expertise and knowledge in all aspects of digital marketing. In 2007, assumed the role of COO. In 2010, assumed a post as representative director and vice-president, and in 2013 became President, leading a key firm in the Japanese online advertising space and improving the industry for the better. Pursuant to a merger between CCI and VOYAGE GROUP in 2019, assumed the position of President of CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc. Holds posts as a director of Video Research Interactive Inc., Dentsu Digital Inc., and director of the Japan Interactive Advertising Association and AC Japan.

Director CFO
Hidenori Nagaoka

In 1996, after graduating from the Faculty of Commerce and Management at Hitotsubashi University, joined Corporate Directions, Inc. As a management consultant, engaged in a wide range of different projects spanning various industries and businesses. Having heard that Usami, a friend dating back to his college years, had recently founded a company axiv.com, inc. (now CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc.), joined it six months later in May of 2000. As someone responsible for the entirety of the corporate division early on in his tenure, engaged in the creation of business plans and fundraising, quickly rising to CFO that same year. Following a capital investment from CyberAgent in 2001 and a management buyout in 2012, the company was listed on the Mothers section of the TSE in 2014 and on the First Section of the TSE in 2015, making him responsible for these changes and other aspects of the company’s capital policy. In 2011, established EC Navi Ventures, iInc. (now VOYAGE VENTURES, Inc.) and assumed the role of representative director. The company engages in funding and supporting the growth of Internet-related startups that have not yet gone public. Pursuant to a merger between CCI and VOYAGE GROUP in 2019, assumed the position of CFO of CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc.

Director (non full-time/external)
Taro Saito
April 1995:
joined Dentsu Inc.
May 2005:
established dof Inc. and assumed the role of director
June 2009:
assumed role of representative director of the above (current position)
December 2014:
director, VOYAGE GROUP, Inc. (now CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc.) (current role)
January 2017:
established CC Inc. and serves as representative director (current role)
Director (non full-time/external)
Kouhei Takashima
Director (non full-time)
Shuji Yamaguchi
Director (non full-time/external)
Makiko Ishiwata
Supervisory Board Member (external)
Yoshinari Noguchi
April 1996:
joined Oracle Japan
April 2001:
transferred to Oracle Corporation
April 2006:
transferred to Oracle Japan
December 2014:
full-time Supervisory Board Member, VOYAGE GROUP, Inc. (now CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc.) (current role)
June 2016:
Supervisory Board Member, PC Depot Corporation (current role)
August 2017:
Supervisory Board Member, rakumo inc. (current role)
Supervisory Board Member (non full-time/external)
Junichi Motai
April 1996:
jointed Asahi Shinwa Accounting, Inc. (now Azusa Limited Liability Audit Corporation)
April 1998:
certified public accountant
September 2005:
joined Clifix certified public tax accountancy
March 2006:
certified as tax accountant
June 2006:
Supervisory Board Member, Start Today Co., Ltd.(now ZOZO, Inc.) (current role)
December 2008:
established Accounting Assist and serves as its representative director (current role)
September 2009:
Supervisory Board Member, EC Navi, Inc. (now CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc.) (current role)
June 2013:
Supervisory Board Member, Warranty technology, Inc.
March 2015:
Supervisory Board Member, Vision Inc. (current role)
February 2016:
Supervisory Board Member, Ficha Inc. (current role)
April 2016:
Supervisory Board Member, Geolocation Technology, Inc. (current role)
March 2017:
Supervisory Board Member, Find Japan (current role)
June 2017:
director, Generic Solution Corporation (current role)
December 2017:
director, Ongakukan Co., Ltd. (current role)
Supervisory Board Member (non full-time)
Arinobu Soga