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Basic Policy

As a holding company overseeing the entirety of the Carta Holdings, Inc. Group, Carta Holdings, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as the Company) recognizes its social obligation to safeguard personal information and considers this paramount among its responsibilities. This document stipulates the Company’s approach to the protection of personal information. All personal information is handled in good faith and with due care under the provisions of these terms. The Company maintains internal regulations and periodically reviews and improves them in order to ensure their ongoing compliance.

1. Definition

Personal information referred to herein refers to the personal names, birthdates, and other notation contained therein, and/or numbers or codes assigned to an individual, or video, audio, or other data that could be used to identify an individual (and which could not be used in isolation to identify the individual but, when used in conjunction with other readily-available information, could be used to identify the individual).

2. Compliance with laws and regulations

The Company strictly complies with all applicable, laws, statutes, and regulations in place in Japan concerning the protection and handling of personal information, and periodically and continuously reviews the stipulations of this privacy to improve them as necessary.

3. Collection of personal information and purpose of use

The Company explicitly stipulates the intended purpose of collection of personal information and obtains it only within the scope requisite to achieve such ends. In addition, collection is conducted in a lawful and fair manner.

4. Use of customer personal information

Personal information is only used within the scope indicated in advance. In addition to prohibiting the use of personal information for purposes not in compliance with the law, the Company takes measures to enforce the same.

5. Management of customer personal information

The Company employs a series of regulations and, to the extent possible, a high level of security systems to prevent the unauthorized access to or alteration, damage, leak, or loss of personal information, and these measures are corrected accordingly should the need arise.

6. Use of cookies

  • In some cases, the Company may obtain customers’ IP addresses, cookie data (refers to information associated with cookies), device identity information, and other information. Said information is used by the Company for purposes that include but are not limited to ensuring the privacy of customers, improving convenience, delivering advertisements, and performing statistical analysis of data; the information is not used for any purposes other than those above.
  • Cookies are used to distinguish your browser and are widely in use around the Internet in order to provide a better quality of service. Cookies do not contain personal information or private data. You can block cookies by changing your web browser’s settings, but this may render some services non-functional.


Where the Company receives, via the procedures it stipulates, a request from an individual for the disclosure, revision, addition to, deletion, rejection of use of provision, or complaint or inquiry concerning, that party’s personal information, the Company shall, having confirmed the identity of the party in question, address the matter accordingly.

8.Amendments to privacy policy

The Company may modify this privacy policy, in whole or in part. In the event of major changes, the new policy will be posted to the Company web site in an intuitive manner.