D i v e r s i t y & I n c l u s i o n

Basic policy

CARTA HOLDINGS is committed to driving evolution in Japanese industry and society through our corporate activities to achieve our purpose, “Unleashing human potential and future possibilities by pursuing our aspirations for the future.” and our group mission, “The Evolution Factory.”One of our guiding principles and core values is “Turn differences into strength,” which underpins our efforts to promote the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiative. As the diversity of our people with different skills is the source of our growth and competitiveness, the D&I initiative is one of our most important management strategies. We will continue our efforts to create an organizational culture and work environment that empowers all employees to unleash their full potential and live a healthy and happy corporate life, without regard to their personal characteristics such as nationality, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, origin, ideology, religion, and age.

Initiatives to enable all employees to thrive at work

We made a new start as CARTA HOLDINGS in January 2022 upon the merger of our core group companies, Cyber Communications and VOYAGE GROUP to integrate the management functions. Under our mission “The Evolution Factory,” we are promoting various initiatives to empower all employees with different values to work to the fullest extent of their capabilities and find greater pleasure in work, thus preparing ourselves to take on new challenges.

Examples of Initiatives

  • Talk session for employees and outside directors

    We organize ad hoc talk sessions for employees to help build a community of female employees.

  • Coaching training for female leaders

    We conduct coaching training for female leaders to help enhance their leadership skills based on their own individual strengths.

  • Support for female employees to access online services for gynecological consultations and low-dose-pill prescriptions

    As part of our employee benefits program, we offer support for female employees to access online services for gynecological consultations and low-dose-pill prescriptions to help them improve women-specific health conditions.

Achievements(February 2023)

Proportion of women in managerial posts above division heads

24.9 %

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Examples of Initiatives

  • Support for babysitter services

    We support employees with small children to use the Dentsu Group’s babysitter services, and provide discount coupons for babysitter services made available by the Cabinet Office.

    Examples of available services:
    - Housekeeping services such as meal preparation for family members, cleaning and laundry
    - Baby/child care services such as: assistance in nursing, feeding, diapering/toileting, and bathing; putting children to sleep; and playing with children
    - Child transportation service to and from nursery school, kindergarten, and activities outside of school

  • Health and childcare seminar

    We organize seminars for employees who have small children, who are expectant parents, and who are on maternity or childcare leave to learn about childcare and their own health management.

    Seminars held in 2022:
    - Seminar on how to improve the sleeping habits of your baby
    - Seminar on how to bond with your baby (Montessori method)

  • Appointment of staff in charge of promoting childcare leave and actions taken

    We have appointed staff in charge of encouraging male employees to take childcare leave.
    - These staff were selected from among male employees who had taken childcare leave. They are assigned to the office that offers personalized consultations on childcare.
    - Consultations given by the staff based on their actual experience have been effective in increasing the proportion of male employees in managerial posts taking childcare leave and the number of days taken by male employees per childcare leave.
    - In 2022, nine out of 19 male employees in managerial posts took childcare leave (47%).
    - The average number of days of childcare leave taken by male employees increased from 11 in 2021 to 28 in 2022.

  • Support for employees on childcare leave (Harmony program)

    We send the following information to employees on childbirth/childcare leave by group email and individually-addressed email to help them return to work smoothly without worry.
    - Information to be shared company-wide such as personnel transfer, and information on employee benefits
    - Procedures to be completed such as documents to be submitted to government offices
    - Procedures to extend the period of childbirth/childcare leave and prepare for returning to work, including contact information and documents to be submitted

Achievements(January to December 2022)

Employees taking childcare leave

79 Men %

100 Women %

The number of male recipients of childcare leave has increased by 21% compared to 2021.

Examples of Initiatives

  • Employment at CARTA HOLDINGS Group

    At CARTA HOLDINGS and its group companies, people with disabilities are working as
    generalists or engineers (regular employees) and as specialists or clerical staff (contracted
    employees). We recruit people having specific work experience under our staffing plan.

  • Employment at external facilities

    We also support people with disabilities to work at three farms in Ichihara City in Chiba
    Prefecture, Hanno City in Saitama Prefecture and Yokohama City in Kanagawa Prefecture,
    where they engage in growing, processing, and shipping vegetables and herbs, supported by
    supervisors. Agricultural products harvested from these farms are shared with our employees.

  • Employment support for people with disabilities

    We offer advice and job retention support to people with disabilities and their co-workers
    through our consultation service.
    At CARTA HOLDINGS, we opened a consultation office staffed with dedicated consultants in
    February 2022 to regularly conduct one-to-one meetings with employees to learn about their
    needs, while providing individual consultation to those who need to discuss their problems for
    For people with disabilities working at the farms, we assist them in receiving public services, while
    offering job retention and employment support in cooperation with community supporters, local
    governments, farm operators, and their family members.


Employment of people with disabilities

2.3 %

Examples of Initiatives

  • Partnership program

    In our work regulations, we define “spouse” as not only a legally married partner but also a
    common-law partner and same-sex partner, and grant them the same rights to congratulation
    or condolence leave/payment, childbirth leave/payment, and family-care leave.

  • Consultation service by internal specialists

    We have an in-house consultation office open to all individuals working at CARTA HOLDINGS who
    want to discuss their sexuality problems.
    The office is staffed with HR persons who have been trained as specialists on LGBTQ+ issues. All
    personal information disclosed during a consultation is kept confidential and the privacy of the individual
    seeking consultation is fully protected.
    The consultation service covers a wide range of issues, from personnel system to work environment
    and their special needs in the workplace. The support is easily accessible whenever needed.

  • Consultation service by external specialists

    We also offer a consultation service via external specialists by accepting requests for consultation by
    email around the clock, so that we can promptly address individual concerns and problems that tend to
    go unnoticed.
    We assure that the privacy of the individual seeking consultation is fully protected, and identifiable
    personal information will not be shared with anyone without prior consent of the individual. By doing so,
    we ensure that anyone can use this service with greater psychological safety.

  • Support for "Business for Marriage Equality"

    Dentsu Group endorses the "Business for Marriage Equality", which is promoting marriage equality (the legalization of same-sex marriage) in Japan.

  • Support for "Business Support for LGBT Equality in Japan"

    We endorse the "Business Support for LGBT Equality in Japan" declaration under the international signature campaign 'EqualityActJapan' aimed at enacting laws to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and to create workplaces and societies where everyone is treated equally in Japan.


Other measures to accommodate LGBTQ+ people
- We conduct training on LGBTQ+ issues for HR personnel.
- We conduct training on LGBTQ+ issues for interviewers for recruitment.
- We have removed the gender section from our job application form starting from our FY2024 new
graduate recruitment.


Elderly employees at CARTA HOLDINGS
- Number of persons re-employed after retirement from January to December 2022: Two
- Number of employees aged 60 or over: Seven

Internal D&I initiatives

We take pride in our organizational culture that embraces the value of “believing in the power of people’s desires,” “taking on challenges without fear of failure” and “working in cooperation to achieve the unimaginable,” under our mission of “The Evolution Factory” to drive evolution in society. At the core of this culture lies the D&I-oriented mindset. Believing in our ability to change the future, we are promoting internal D&I initiatives positively and strongly, to lead society into an exciting tomorrow.

Examples of Initiatives

  • WAVE, an employee-initiated project to promote D&I group-wide

    WAVE is a D&I project initiated by employees to create an organizational culture that encourages all
    persons working at CARTA HOLDINGS to develop the mindset of “turning differences into strength”
    and take on challenges in their individual ways. The project members designed and implemented a D&I
    awareness survey and questionnaire survey on career choice and, based on an understanding of the
    needs of employees, proposed measures to improve the situations to HR personnel and board
    members, including the introduction of the online low-dose-pill prescription service. The activities
    undertaken by WAVE have been taken over by the D&I Promotion Office established in 2023.

  • Human rights awareness-raising

    We invite employees to submit a slogan to raise awareness of human rights and SDGs as part of the
    Dentsu Group’s human rights awareness-raising campaign.*
    We expect that this process of creating a slogan will help employees take greater interest in and raise
    awareness of human rights, D&I and SDGs issues and foster correct understanding of these issues.
    * The invitation to submit a slogan is open to employees of dentsu Japan’s group companies and their
    family members.
    - Number of human rights slogans submitted in 2022: 72 from employees, 24 from family members
    - Number of SDGs slogans submitted in 2022: 68 from employees, 28 from family members

  • Internal awareness-raising events and training sessions

    The D&I Promotion Office and HR Headquarters work together to organize events and training sessions
    throughout the year to help employees raise awareness of D&I and foster a D&I-oriented mindset.

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Organizational structure to promote the D&I initiative

We opened the D&I Promotion Office in 2023 to help employees with diverse backgrounds unleash their full potential at work and ensure continued growth of our business, and established the D&I Promotion Committee to implement D&I initiatives across the entire CARTA HOLDINGS Group.


Our efforts in implementing D&I have been recognized in the following awards.

  1. 2023

    "Eruboshi" certification

    PRIDE Index


    D&l AWARD 2023