I R P o l i c y

Fundamental disclosure policy

The Company will disclose information in a timely and fair manner, in accordance with laws such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and timely disclosure regulations outlined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For information that is not considered significant by timely disclosure guidelines but the company determines to be interest to shareholders and investors, the Company will disclose such items on its website in an active and fair manner.

Method of information disclosure

The Company works to disclose information in a quick and fair manner through the TDnet timely disclosure service, in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and timely disclosure regulations outlines by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information disclosed on TDnet will also be posted on the Company’s IR website in a timely manner. Additionally, for information to which timely disclosure regulations do not apply, we will, within reason, actively disclose such information in response to the needs of investors. Please understand that information disclosure on the IR website may be delayed due to system issues and posting preparation.

Forward-looking statements

The Company may provide information on earnings estimates via its information disclosure. These are based on information that is available to the Company as of the time of writing, and include risks and uncertain factors such as economic conditions, market trends, and changes to the taxation and legal environment. As a result, please understand that actual results disclosed in the future may change due to a wide range of factors.

Silent period

In order to prevent the leaking of important information that may have an impact on the stock price, such as earnings results, and in order to provide fairness in information disclosure, the Company designates the period beginning from two weeks before the announcement of earnings results as a silent period. During this period, the Company will not respond to questions or comments regarding earnings results and future forecasts. However, this does not necessarily apply if significant events occur during this period which would have a large effect on investment decisions by investors.