Shareholder returns

We consider the return of profits to shareholders to be a pivotal spoke in management of the business, and we endeavor to increase medium- and long-term share value through growth of the business and improvements to capital efficiency. In addition, we offer dividends on a continuous basis and adopt a flexible approach to treasury stock. These and other initiatives form a central pillar in our approach to driving benefits back to shareholders. Dividends are decided based on a comprehensive review of consolidated business performance and standalone financing, among other factors, in order to determine the financial health and liquidity of the business and its future growth potential, as well as considerations to treasury amounts retained.

Total dividend amount and Dividend payout ratio,Purchase of treasury stock

Annual dividend

Fiscal year Dividends per share
FY12/2019 Expected dividend 16JPY (Interim dividend 8JPY, Year-end dividend 8JPY)
FY9/2018 15JPY
FY9/2017 15JPY
FY9/2016 10JPY
FY9/2015 20JPY