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We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our shareholders for their continued patronage and support. In July of 2014, we were listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This was followed in September 2015 by our listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In January of 2019, we entered into a merger with Cyber Communications Inc. (CCI) and created a new venture, CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc.

Performance for the September 2018 term was revenue exceeding 28B JPY, a 10% YOY increase and our highest on record. An intensive review last fiscal year of the media partners on our media platform led to a 21% YOY decrease in operating income, down to 1.42B JPY.

The market for programmatic advertising in 2017 grew by 27.3% YOY and looks poised to continue growing. Our ad platform business is steadily gaining share and now encompasses over 60% of company-wide revenue, so we expect it to continue being a profit leader.

For the fiscal period ending December 2019, CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc. and VOYAGE GROUP will be bringing to bear their ad platform and first-rate technology, leveraging this with the reach CCI has to mass media and national clients in order to create major synergy in the online advertising space.
Furthermore, we intend to mutually share and utilize the talent and skills we have to offer in order to achieve major profitability in the medium and long term and maximize our contributions to shareholder value.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.

Chief Executive Officer Shinsuke Usami
President Akio Niizawa