B u s i n e s s I n f o r m a t i o n

Overview of Business Model


CARTA HOLDINGS operates businesses in the areas of digital marketing and internet-related services.
The Digital Marketing Business provides a variety of solutions to issues of marketing faced by advertisers, advertising companies, and media organizations. The Internet-Related Services Business draws together a variety of businesses that utilize the internet, such as media management, e-commerce, human resource and other areas.
We have built a robust business model by facilitating reciprocal links between the two businesses, growing the Internet-Related Services Business by leveraging the knowledge contained within the Digital Marketing Business, and leveraging the know-how obtained in the Internet-Related Services Business in the Digital Marketing Business.

Our Strengths

The strengths of our business are the ability to expand and link different areas of business using the digital marketing know-how and knowledge possessed by our personnel, allied to unparalleled business development capabilities.
By blending the individual strengths of the CARTA HOLDINGS Group companies, we are able to respond flexibly to the increasingly diverse problems faced by companies and users, and consistently provide them with the optimal solution.

Service Lineup

Digital Marketing Business

We see advertisers, advertising companies, and media organizations as partners in digital marketing and DX, and it is through organic connections between these that we provide higher added value to each of them. We will also pursue the provision of further value by expanding DX support services in the areas of television commercials and retail, where market growth is expected, and through the creation of new collaborative models with the Dentsu Group.

Details of services

  • Advertisers

    Using proprietary solutions and platforms as a lever, we resolve the digital marketing issues faced by advertisers and maximize the marketing ROI of clients

  • Advertising companies

    We aim for profitable growth as a business partner by switching to a revenue structure characterized by diverse sources of income by collaborating with all advertising companies

  • Media organizations

    Using proprietary solutions and platforms and our ability to sell advertising as a lever, we resolve the DX issues faced by media organizations and maximize their revenue

Digital Marketing Business: initiatives for new areas of business

We predict that DX in the area of advertising, including television commercials, and in the area of retail, will become a significant market. By leveraging the expertise of the CARTA HOLDINGS Group, we provide retail media products and solutions in their optimal form.

Company lineup for digital marketing businesses

Internet-Related Services Business

The Internet-Related Services Business is developing businesses in the area of media solutions, e-commerce and human resource, in cooperation with the Digital Marketing Business.
We are taking on the challenge to create new businesses byleveraging our deep knowledge in various specialized areas and our digital marketing know-how.

Company lineup for internet related businesses